About Us

What We Offer

Clear Care Center is a premiere TMS treatment clinic. Our mission is to help patients take back their lives, and overcome chronic major depression after pharmaceutical options failed. We offer NeuroStar Advanced Therapy treatment along with psychiatric consultations, virtual appointments, and a team of dedicated professionals.

Psychiatric Consultations

Clear Care Center offers Psychiatric Consultations to determine eligibility for TMS services. During consultations a professional will review your current stresses and issues and any past medical or psychiatric conditions that help determine if TMS is best for you. To receive a free initial consultation, Call Today !

Dedicated Professionals

Here at Clear Care Center, we take special care for our clients mental health and wellbeing. Our team of experienced, passionate, and dedicated professionals will always work to help our clients to the best of their abilities. Wherever you may be on your journey with depression or other mental health-related issues, you can rest assured that the hardworking team at Clear Care center TMS will go the extra mile to help you reach your goals. Reach out and make an appointment today!

Virtual Consultations

We’re thrilled to be offering you secure virtual consultations. While we love it when you visit us in the office, we understand that it’s not always convenient to do so. Video visits allow you to receive the same quality care as you do in the clinic, when visiting in person isn’t an option.

To schedule a virtual appointment with Clear Care Center, give us a call today. We look forward to seeing you soon!

We are Proudly In-Network

We are working closely with TriCare and are committed to supporting our country’s military families. We look forward to providing the information and assistance you need to use your TriCare healthcare benefits.


Meet Our Doctor

Albert Ma, MD

Albert Ma, MD is the primary doctor here at Clear Care Center. He’s been a psychiatrist for 20 plus years and a clinician and teacher in California for the last decade and a half. To learn more about Dr. Albert Ma and NeuroStar Advanced Therapy, visit our TMS page and Call Today!